Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random things that happened this yr.

Okay so I got this idea from somewhere online and it was remembering one thing u did each month this yr .. so hmmmm here goes...
Jan-I cut my hair.I went to S.C , took my mind off of a recent breakup i had ..came back feeling good up until Valentines day lol..Also chilled with schmols and tamara ( ♥ Miss T)alot. We went skatin one time and tamara got mad cuz some old ass man kept tryna skate wit her.. THAT ISH WAS TOOOOO FUNNY !!!Didnt go to school this semester..Amb ,Quiona,my mom , my uncle , and Ambs fathers b day
Feb-Valentines sucked lol , I think I went to work because I wanted to take my mind off of not having anyone to share the day with ;( lol..Then I manned up and realized I dont need anyone to make me happy . A new attitude came , and I kind of looked at things in a broader perspective instead of thinking the world was out to get me .I also remember getting great advice from my lil brah...(thanks shavoy!)
March-Was a verryyy boring month , not being in school was ultimately sucking major ass lol.Found myself letting people take MAJOR advantage of me . I learned alot about some guys ,and some of that being alot of the guys i met didnt mind being a rebound because they felt they was gonna get some .. LMAO FOOLED YA ASS !!! New Manager at my job .. THE STORE WENT DOWNHILL FROM THERE ...,and i was wit mr lousy himself..:(
April -Tamaras b day ...we suprised her .. she got mad thinkin we was leavin her but it was to get her a birthday card.. her face was priceless. we got her to try on all her clothes and we told her they were for my cousin Amb (iim just m3 and thats what..) which is weird because is like my body size and weight and shape and everything else .. tamara is completely diff. SO LOUIS V WE GOTCHA LOL .Also Stephys b day
May- I registered for summer classes just because I was dumb bored.. Thats about all i can remember lol.
June-Schmols b day .. We went out to eat at Grand Luxe Cafe (me , quiona , tamara and schmols). It was hilarious . Tamara had this baby crab cakes, tiara lil ass had a mountain of food , quiona was eatin patrick from spongebobs house and i was eatin these messy ass quesidillas. Our waiter kept us rollin .We went to tropicals which was a failure lol.We also went to Dorney Park which was a crazy day it rained on and off all day but we still managed to have mad fun of course. It was downpour for a good 30 min. and we was under this huge umbrella sleeping and looking sexy as hell lol.. LMAO . seriously tho . I started school again this month.
JULY -my birthday month , and also the best one in my eyes. We went to NYC for mine.It was a bad day until we got there. I was down allllll day . kept saying "its my mother fn birthday i cry if i fn want to " tiara and tamara seemed to get laughs off of that lol i didnt see ish funny lol.Me , tamara , and tiara came up with names to use lol ,mine=chanel , Tamara = LOUIS V , Tiara =Gucci lmao .. Crazy cuz we used the names and the dummys we met were believing us . CLOWNS. I use chanel as my alter ego nowI also went to S.C which was pretty cool.I got my belly pierced .
August- Got a tat with the schmols , saw Schmike :), was in NYC alot this month .Met these lame -os that swore they were hard .This guy had a belt around his neck with "diamonds" thinking it was cool" NEGATIVE CAPTAIN .. we went back a week later saw the same guy witht he same outfit on (belt included) ...The fun died down everyone was back at school :(.
Sept-School started , and so did stress. I met I , cut loose from lousy one. I felt refreshed this month.
Oct- Feelings got cheeto man crazy for a certain someone lol , I learned alot about myself this month . I feel like i grew alot this month .Iv Bday .
Nov-Nothing major happened in this month except me taking place in history and voting for OBAMA and he won ..YAYYAY!!!, the same as october pretty much . I felt like I was beginning something new . I still dont know what it is but it feels good. I regained my independence . I feel like Tash again . Schmikes bday
Dec-Its only the 9th and not much has been going on . I feel like something good is going to take place but at the same time i feel like I am holding myself back from letting it happen . I feel stagnant in life irght now . To smart for where I am . Im trying to find out whats going on , and why i keep feeling the way I feel . Its weird ...
So far this yr I believe Ive grown . I realized many things happen just to happen , and if their is a reason for these things happening maybe im not realizing it yet or maybe the reason didnt come to light yet. I met alot of "bad" ppl that did nothing but cause stress and heartache but i also met people ive grown to care about so that was a win win situation . Jackasses in my life left but only to let better people come in. This yr has been a pretty decent yr , but of course its not over yet :)


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Gorgeous Geek said...

WOOOOW how in the heck did u remember all of that lol?

Off top I can remember my birthday in Aug. and Election day for Nov.


Eb the Celeb said...

lmao @ gorgeos geek...

I personally dont want to remember too much from this year..it wasnt a good one and I am so ready for it to be over...

hurry up 2009!