Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cant even describe this

so she says.........okay so she cant sleep , when she does its like every 15 minutes for only about 10 minutes .her mind is stuck right now ,she dont know how to move forward right now , wish there was a way to go backwards . her vision is blurred from the floods in her eyes. head is pounding along with her heart.she ask her friends for help and theyre just as lost as she is.

idk how they got here it all seems strange.

they were just kissing less than 12 hrs ago , now his heart has changed? ...if feelings are there like he said , then grow with her dont just cut it off like that . that has to be the worst pain because it was completely unexpected. she thought she was ya bust it , ducky , shorty , joint , twinklebutt ...etc what happened to all the things you told her ? was everything a lie?her feelings for you are completely ridiculous. her mind is at ease with you, she worries about nothing .shes been happy for awhile now consistently .yall havent arued or anything else major.she stepped up to the plate of being thre for u ,rearranged her crazyness so yall could work. shes lost.she jumps the gun and says she dont wanna be without you.seriously.

she just wants to talk ,to here, to be in ya presense and for you to embrace her right now. give her that much.dont do this to her .keep everything going. she cares about u and u know it , the sparks that fly between yall isnt recognzable to the human eye but yall both feel them without a doubt. give her the decency of an explanation .open up to her with your feelings ..if youre scared of something as far as yall situation goes, shes there to soothe u .. to let u kno that its all on you no rush or worries ... take her in , reach out to her,be there for her. everything is in a jam right now but hopefully yall work things out .

relationships and love will have the strongest person ,weak because of this.

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