Thursday, January 29, 2009

Massive Passion Pt.2

So Im listening to him last night and he truly has this Massive Passion for something .Ive never met ANYONE to have a passion like this and is doing something with it . I have a passion for music , (read massive passion to see what im talking about ). He pursues with this . Its what he wants to do ... It is what he does. I can tell he gets aggravated and Pissed Off when when people take it as a joke . He makes sure people knows he does this. He takes pride in teaching others and showing off what he has. He does this with all his heart , almost effortlessly at this point.It completes him. Its this motive in his life that he gracefully lives through.If his presence wasnt enough , and it always is ,he has this extra special something to bring to the table. Its sexy , it drives him . He lives for it .

When he speaks about it you can hear the change of voice. I can barely explain it but its hot it makes me intrigued whenever we speak on this topic i cant get enough.. Its sort of like he's anxious , exhilarated , turbo-blasted , in love , yet calm , cool , and collected about it alll at the same time. When I had to go to the store with him to pick up some supplies ,i was almost amazed at the passion in his eyes. Its admirable .Its even better because he has this passion yet i never really hear him talk about the money . I never really hear him go .. well people HAVE to pay me for my services.That doesnt mean people get over on him but it just shows how dedicated it is. When he explains or tells me things and then he follows it up with "Its not about the money .... I just want to play" my heart melts... literally .The rush he appears to have when he does this gets me pumped. It breaks me out of my shell. He doesnt need drugs or liquor to keep him balanced, doing this keeps him high.It eases him . Puts him in his happy place....::sighs ::im ultimately infatuated . seriously ..

Drumming is his life. Its in the depths of his Soul.


Mr. ICDJ The Drummer said...

Thats He's Soundslike he's serious About It! He's A Keeper Lol

♥Miss T♥ said...

i can tell he really loves it lol ... tell him 2 keep up the good work