Thursday, January 22, 2009

Myspace, Facebook ...etc & relationships

Myspace , Facebook and any other online websites like this suck major ass with relationships...With me being familiar with Myspace and Facebook the most I find that with relationships they can kinda put a hinder on it. I know some are thinking well if there is nothing to hide , or if the relationship is true then it doesnt really matter what happens on these websites.... Wrong... With these sites , your mind kinda wanders and any small thing u see or whatever on someones page, u get suspect. Trust can be there , it can be somethin as simple as "hey" but you will swear the person meant "hey" in a flirtatious way .You start to question stuff, the person gets annoyed and thats like strike one against you . Im sure Im not the only one who experiences this but if you never experienced it , trust me you arent missing anything atttt all.Pictures also get ppl in trouble or can kinda mess up the vibe u and the person has.The pic can be dated from before you and the person met and u start to think wth is it still on this website or wthell this or wthell that .. At the end of the day youre messing up your connection with someone for someone else who doesnt really matter anymore & at the end the other person who doesnt matter pretty much wins and take over.. NEGATIVE CAPTAIN.A pic can be on the past chicks page and once u find out ya mind is like wthell if their done why is it still up there.. or u start to think ridiculous stuff. It sucks to think about the person being with someone else ,and thoughts like that dont really matter because youre the person in your significant others life now but ehhh...I recently was being protected by the Iv from girls coming at me wrong or trying to mess me and him up and I took it a completely different because of some pics i wanted tagged.... I spoke to Schmikester and he said the same thing Iv said sooo yea I told u this already buttt IVRITO I APOLOGIZE YOURE RIGHT..

Anyways I typed all this to say what ... Im going to try not to go on Facebook or Myspace for a MONTH starting NOW !!!.Sooo Feb 22 at 12:33 am is the time I can officially go back on facebook. Im taking it off my phones and everything . I refuse to lose Iv or , refuse to mess up the dope vibe we have going on right now for pety stuff like myspace or facebook.. Will I miss it .. heck yes but ehhhhh im more complex then the lousy website so whatever.....:)


Slim Trim Kid said...

I like this shows dedication too. Good Luck Tasha! :)

{E} said...

that was the greatest blog yet tash...and everything u said was the truth!

♥Miss T♥ said...

i wish i was that strong u like ... im starting 2 hate facebook & myspace