Saturday, January 31, 2009

I feel like..

This post may not make any sense at all seeing that Im kinda rushing . ..As of 11:35 am I feel kinda down . This past week has really sucked for me . My bright and lovely yr started off sooo good only for me to feel shitty at the end of month one. Im not depressed or anything like that , I just feel like i want last week back or atleast the feeling of me being happy back . I know if things are meant to be people come back ,but i feel like i dont want him to leave. I feel like a little wave of pain and sorrow is trying to capture me and Im trying oh so hard not to let that happen.I feel like I won the competition , so why am I competing again?I feel like whatever makes you happy , will not necessarrily make me happy but you told me to have faith in you so im gonna trust your word. I feel like things take advantage of me , friends , work , family ,everything . I feel like I dont know how to stop this from happening ,but im trying to find a way . I feel like crying . I feel like laughing . I wish my heart would slow down . I feel like I hope these feelings are just temporary . I hope there is a brighter day tomorrow. Lord Give Me Strength is all I keep saying to myself. I feel like I really like, hate , care about , wanna hit u , hug u , kiss u , all at the same time right now.I want you to hold me and tell me everything will be fine between us . I wanna feel like no one else matters.I feel like you make me ultra happy , so why make me sad now?...I feel like Ive lost myself . Miss Independent let her heart get captured and in a sense forgot what she stood for. Strength.Independence.Beauty are her mottos. I feel like this blog is helping me alot right now because although its all over the place Im releasing my feelings. I feel like Im going to continue this later . Hopefully later I feel better.


Slim Trim Kid said...

Strength.Independence.Beauty as long as you haven't forgot; keep your head up Tash, love you.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Fuck that bullshit, Keep ya head up, Stay Active, Keep it moving.