Friday, February 06, 2009


Okay so I went to the gym yesterday ,and I am not happy with myself as far as my body ...I thought I was 7 pounds heavier than I am now. Im not into the skinny look . I need some type of weight on me . I was 135 now im 128 and have no CLUE how I lost the weight , that sucks . I went to the gym and did better than expected so maybe those extra 7 pounds was putting a hinder on things but i doubt it . Like i would do one sit up and be like OOOOOO NOOOO .i was workin out my legs and stuff and I was good.. I used to be like 162 at one point in my life . I kinda liked my body back then hellla fanny for me to be this small it like ehh

Anyways my goals for the gym is to go atleast 3 times a week , and to gain 7 pounds even if the 7 pounds is in muscle. I dont want my shape to really change I like that my upper area is smaller than my bottom half .lol i wanna keep my fanny . Idk i just like how i looked at 135 . I felt like i was more healthier , looked better , idk idk but yea thats my goals.Im not trying to be brolic or anything like that .Lookin macho is not a good look for me .. anyways until next time :)......

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