Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I think of swag I think its ya whole demeanor , ya personality , ya style , YOU. People walk around here like they have the dopest swag in the world but are either biting off of someone else or they only do it part time. Swag isnt somethin u have when u feel like it .I think ya swag sticks with u . Although there may be times it isnt as noticeable, its still there.For instance I call my "alter ego" Chanel , Chanel's swag is more noticeable than reg Tash lol . The bitchy ,diva, im the shit attitude is there its just not as fierce as it is when Im in Chanel mode .. get me??..

Im getting sooooo sick and tired of people faking . Claiming they have the hottest swag but they are lame ass bitch niggas (pardon my language)..One day your hard , next day your not , one day ima tough guy , next day im average .. Its not the swag thats all messed up , its your ass thats all messed up.Multiple personality disorder is what its called I think..

Guys out here trying soooo hard to impress their friends ...FOR WHAT??. Lying about how many girls they can get but in actuality you showing them how many u cant get because chances are that whole list of names you just told ya friends was full of shit, soooo u just showed how much of a lame u are.Guys trying so hard to be better than the next . NO PROBLEM with that at all but there is a way to do everything. If you going after something better than the next in the right way , and succedding at it then more power to u .. If you just talkin hella cash about what u can do , puttin yaself into debt and all this just to appear better then u are ultimately a fool . Ya swag is garb and u need to fix that a.s.a.p. ...No need for you to tell people business or just randomly say shit to feel cool . Why are u tryna impress people so much ? See , there's a difference in trying to impress and caring what people think about u .. When u TRY to impress 9 out of 10 times u may look like a jackass. When u care about what people think u may seem cautious or u are cautious to things u say or do .. get me?

Then theres also the other type of "swag" im noticing .. Sentimental Tough Guy Syndrome. There is no reason why people should feel like there swag has to be on macho man. WTFFF ..You have a heart , show it . Your beating on your wives for no reason , acting dumb with her and everyone else ..only to think about it later. Did u do it to be cool? To feel tough? .. I dont understand. Show your emotions , wthell .. No one is gonna judge u if u actually stand up for what u believe in or if u be real .. No need to put on this act . Like do u really wanna lose what u have because your a jackass on some days??Its not attractive ...

You can have the swag to have all eyes on you before you do anything (that is sooo dope to me). Ya presence can be enough but if you try to hard, act macho , or if its part time whats the point????... I didnt write this about any one in particular , and if i offended anyone I apologize .. buttttt if you got offended ,you might just wanna evaluate ya swag...

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