Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lovers and Friends

Lovers and friends..maybe its just me but I can't seem to find that balance to deal with both. Meaning Things are great between ya significant other , things are great between your friends ,but when its time for you to balance things out things get corrupt on one of the sides.

In my case its the "lover" side..I have this friend who I guess is a love doctor , ricki lakes or somebody idk . I tend to listen to her or base me and Iv on her reactions. She's a great friend love her to death so maybe that's why her influence or opinions means so much but ehhhh it sucks. Me and Iv have been good for almost 2 months straight ,haven't had any major arguments and we know what it is. Feelings are def there. Stevie Wonder could see it and a paralyzed person could feel it . For real . We aren't all lovey dovey but its there nonetheless ..

I talk about things with the love doctor just hoping for an ear , someone to listen to me and I almost always get some type of negative feedback . Either a mmhhmm , a hmm or something . It can't ever be damn tash thas whussup or something ,and when it is its pretty much sarcastic in my opinion. Sucks . When im venting about a problem me and him have its always ultra negative on him . Kinda hurts to hear someone talk shit about someone u care about , and me bein a dummy starts to listen to it . Crazy cuz when she goes through something I strictly listen .She's real so she tells me what it is . Im real but I guess I block things cuz I know her reaction ont be pleasant . When she wants to give up im tellin her that the rough time will pass ,reevaluate things a lil more . The end of the day they good kissin and made up . Me and Iv are on some rough patchy shit. For instance superbowl sunday I was venting to her because she's a friend so as stated b4 just needed an ear .. She like he's all about games and blah blah blah ,f that, this and that.. Okay so im like ugh here we go again .. When me ,him , and her were around each other whole different ball game . She doesn't see what he doin wrong .. So I kinda broke down and we had a confrontation (well I was talkin by myself lol).. So we got in the house tension was heavy ,but of course her and hers were good .. Me and iv were ugh!!.

I mean I can't be the only one going through this problem because its in numerous songs where ppl are mentioning friends that talk shit like the dream in bust your windows remix. When he was referring to her friends talkin shit he concluded with saying "they just mad cuz I aint sleeping wit them" .. I kno that's not the case here but it still ties in with friends being in one ear messing up things with the s.o .)...

I hate to be writing this blog but its been bothering me for AWHILE and I feel like it has been putting a hinder on me and the iv for a lil while because I cant find the balance .don't wanna get mean and just straight up say . Stop buffin me but what do I do .???? Love her , crazy about him ...not tryna lose a friend because bros before hoes (jp) .. Not tryna lose iv .. I think I just have to let me and iv ride .. Know that me and him are good and leave it at tha. Chill , be there for him and not let ppl get to me to the point of him being frustrated because im going on and on about things and to not let it get to the point where im wondering if his feelings are true. .. And with her just not talk about it I guess.. ;(?? Until next time ;:)--Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®=


Gorgeous Geek said...

Chicks b4 di(ks!!!

Although @ times some of my girls arent on the same page as me, they don't see my vision so their advice is always screwy and partially irrelevant. But I love them anywho


A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

thanks form the chicks before dicks part lol because i was tryna figuire it out but i forgot ..and yea i love her too just cant use advice from her