Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay , so I owe Chris this post. I told him I was gonna write a blog about this topic like a month ago (not really ,maybe 2 weeks) and still havent gotten around to it because my mind either goes blank or its allll over the place whenever its mentioned. literally.

To me , Love is kinda weird. I think a lot of people over use it ,but then try to put it in a catergory with things they really love. Like you dont put your associates or people you hate in the same catergories as ya friends so why do it with this word. Im not saying you should praise this word,but as far as I know this word defins your best feelings .At times i feel like there has to be just one more word , that can express ya feelings PAST "love".Like I have very strong feelings for things , then I absolutely love things . When I love people, I give my all . I would risk my life for the things I love .I feel refreshed when Im around the people . My worries go out the window with them . I feel like I can conquer all with them. Idk if Im making sense but I really cant describe it . I just know I feel complete.
As far as Chris and his relationship. IN MY OPINION he is a sucker for love times 1934743 for real . Im not saying that its bad but i guess everyone handles it differently . Like pretty much what I got out of what he was sayin is , the feelin he gets when he thinks of her is mindblowing . Like when he was typing I felt like he was a little kid eatting ice cream and sprinkles (cuz u knoooo that lil kids NEED the sprinkles lol). He just seemed so happy talking about them . Like he loves their clingyness I dont think I could stand it .(constant texting , phone calls , always seeing each other if I could ehhhhhhh). I love my independenc he was saying he doesnt think there is such thing as independence when youre in a relationship.Like me and him have two very different opinion about it but at the end of he day its still love. THATS CRAZYYYY TO ME LOL..Although I do think that Chris you should be careful .Almost everyone I know , or everyone I have heard about get their heart broken because they are TOOOO open .And you my friend , seems a bit open lol..
I just want love and to be loved.

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