Monday, June 01, 2009

hair update

My hair right now is HOT ASS MESS ..No other way to explain it,im sorry.

I remember one of those times I said I was gonna try not to get a relaxer.. EHHH I LIED. Im now 7.5 weeks post Ill be 8 weeks post n Saturday . Im not planing on getting relxer soon but OH EMMMM GEEEE my hair looks and feels horrible.I do know I wanna do twist outs for good 2 weeks and hopefully it doesnt look crazy on me since my hair is in a lil bob ..not to little (w.e yall saw the pics) ..

I gonna try to do a twist out tonight ,wear it out tomorro then that wednesday pin it somehow then the next day a mohawk .. friday im gonna twist it out again then saturday wear it out nd on sunday put it in a mohawk for SUMMMERRR JAM .(((these are just the plans they might not come through cuz God only knows how lazy I can get))).

I am searching every hair blog ever to find some reallly good products to stop my hair from being so dry . So I need a good moisturizer ,deep conditioner,leave in and detangler. ...Welp ill go to the store a lil later and be here for about 4 hrs tryn decide because this hair needs help big time...

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