Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dorney Park vs 6 Flags

Okay in my last post I said some people prefer six flags better. Over here in Jersey we have to pretty close amusement parks as far as I know . We have Dorney Park which is in PA , and we have Six Flags which is in Jersey . They are both about the same distance from where I stay . Anywhooo ..

I like Dorney Park because its ultra cheap . Like you can go in the water park , and the rides for about 35 AT THE MOST lol.I always find a coupon or I go to Acme so its always cheaper. Last yr we paid 25 cuz a guy gave us a coupon ,how nice of him? You only have to wait on line for like 20 t 25 minutes at the most , and that is sooo much better than the 2.5 hrs you gotta wait on some rides at 6 flags.The one thing I must admit is , the rides are a little better at sixflags. They have kingdaka and all that other mess. Dorney Park is stepping their game up tho , so dont sleep on them . I guess its just preference . But I cant see me prefering a park thats about 65 just for the rides , 35 for the water park , and like 15 for the safari ... Like shiittt thats mad dough .You gotta wait online for at the least 1 hr .So you can get on all of 3 rides ..WTF . I THINK NOT!.


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