Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer 09

Okay so Summer 09 has begun for alot of people .. Im gonna let a concert start off mine . SUMMER JAM YAYYYY!!. I am soo cited ..
Performers include but are def not limited to :
Mary J
The Dream
Young Jeezy
Juelz Santana
Jim Jones

I said not limited to because EVERY YEAR some people always just "pop up" ..EVERY YEAR it also rains but I guess thats another story ... I HOPE NOT!!Lord please spare us.

So yea thats gonna start off my summer . That day Im just gonna relax , get pretty ,go to the concert have fun and leave it at that . I dont wnt any worries that day .

The rest of the summer is gonna be kinda weird because its gonna be like the first summer the 3ts wont be in action as much . We arent splitting up or anything but we all have our own agendas and its like sheeshh we really do have to grow up lol . If you dont kno who the 3ts are ill be sure to make my next blog about us.Tiara is gonna be in New Brunswick this summer for the most art because she is taking summer classes. Its not far but its def not 5 minutes away .I do know that we have t do our lil annual DORNEY PARK trip . I adore Dorney Park lol . Like I know HELLLLLA people like Six Flags better but ehh.

The concert

To go to N.C ...S.C .. and somewhere else

I never really go to beaches and I live in Jersey (thats like a sin here ) So I wanna go to some beaches..A FEW TIMES!

To live it up

To get atleast 2 more tats (yep i think its an addiction)

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♥ Miss T said...

lol summer sounds type exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to get on ur nerves this summer with my slowness ... yayyyy!!!!