Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going Hard

WHYTF is it that whenever someone goes hard , and has MAJOR tunnel vision its like 537456789 people trying to knock you down ??Seriously.

Okay it seems like all my life Ive wanted to do a lot . I know I am a go getter but I continuously listen to other peoples doubts about me and at times let it get to me . My family sucks major ass. Like they always wanted to see me fail , I was supposed to be pregnant right now , dropped out of school , not in college , no job ,pretty much nothing going for myself . {{I'M NOT SAYING THAT IF YOU ARE IN ANY OF THOSE SITUATIONS THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING GOING FOR YOU ,BUT THOSE ARE ROADS I DON'T WANT TO TRAVEL}}.

Idk why maybe i have some type of disorder but it seems like I like to take on any and everything .If I go somewhere I automatically try to figure out things to make the place better .For instance , I'm managing a band and trying oooohhh sooo hard to get their name out there in a positive light because I think their talent is the truth . Its a Neo-Soul , Jill Scott feel . I love it .People are ike LMAO who are they ?? Or all of a sudden thy become the best musicians alive and say dumb shit like Ohhh im better .. Homie , clearly youre a lame .But yea , thats one of my questions for the day .. WHY THE HELL do that ?? It is ridiculously whack . Your life sucks so you hope mines suck too .. YOU ARE TO COOL !!.


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