Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I have been up to::T Squared

Okay well Tash has been quite busy lately . IDK if i put a post up about my organization but heres a lil snippet about it . Im trying to start an organization called T SQUARE and its basically helping whatever and whoever i can somehow. No offense to anyone over seas but it just seems like alot of organizations help over there. Im trying to mainly help the rural areas of the U.S because there are alot but the media and everything else just covers up those situations .
Anyways my main goal is to satisfy people . I want to be able to turn this into a huge non profit organization one day atleast by the time im 30 which gives me about 10 yrs and 2 months .I would like to help public schools that barely get any government assistance somehow even if its bringing the schools cases of crayons or something , idk . I also want to make sure I bring a music aspect to as many places as I can . Like the school i went to from pre-k up until 8th grade only really had a choir.Its a private school and im almost sure we got no govt assistance since its private . That means the music aspect of the school was SHOT!. Thats cool but no . I want the kids to be able to join a band or something from one of the local schools.Like for instance , Ivory is band instructor and all that good stuff all around Paterson , so why not help the kids somehow join it. The place to practice is in walking distance from the school . Thats one thing ive been working on . Wish me luck you guys , its def not easy!

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