Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Okay so for a few days from the 25th until yesterday I have been M.I.A .. it kinda felt good not tweeting ,talking to certain people or really doin much of nothing. of course during this time , i started thinking and realized I need to get me on track .
In the beginning of 09 i had hella plans . Now the middle of 09 is here and all I wanna do is go places and explore. Thats not a problem but im spending hella money . I made less money last yr and saved up wayyy more . I need to get back on track to do that so the plan
Im gonna put atleast 100 back each check .
Im opening a new account this Friday so that will be my checking , and my savings will be with the bank I have now.
Im gonna write down everything I need and want .
Even calculate food expenses .

I cant go over the numbers I put for myself. This is what I did last yr and it worked soooooo yea starting that now..

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