Tuesday, July 07, 2009

now or never

Okay so I didnt put a post up about Mr.Jackson because a part of me actually wanted this to be a joke. No disrespect but I wanted Ashton to come out and say WORLD, youve got punked. Im so serious . I didnt get to watch all of the memorial today but it was soooo saddening to see it . Everytime they said Michael Jackson I felt like I was being stabbed at .It hurts because he was one of those people you just dont think will EVER die. Crazy because there will NEVER be anyone better ,or even come close to this man . I know that sucks to say but he had , EVERYTHING . Charisma , style , a heart made from gold literally .

People had so much to say about how crazy he was when he was here , now that hes gone people seemed to forget al about that . He was human . He wasnt crazy , society just made him seem that way . Amazing how he died , and everyone knows the impact he put on this earth . I need for people to see me like that , and going as hard as I am hopefully I can make a quarter of that change or difference in the world. I would be so satisfied. When babies know of Michael Jackson , thats dope. I dont think there is really anyone in the industry now that ALLLL generations will know about , and grow with .You can speak to pretty much everyone from different generations and they can all say they grew up on MJ.

He wasnt scared to do what he wanted , and change . He went and worked hard for the best ALWAYS . If everyone followed after him , or better yet if everyone did what it takes to become the best you can be the universe would be so much better. He gave when he needed to . Nowadays people are to money hungry to help someone out . Like help those who help themselves. If you see someone struggling and you know u can do something to make it better , MAKE IT BETTER. .... ughhhh!!!!!!!!! Im mad and sad all at once. This whole thing is just so surreal to me.

MJ you will NEVERR R RRRRRRR RRRR be forgoten...

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