Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I'm inspired by The Dream's "Right Side of Your Brain" for this one .

It's pretty crazy how when your in "love" a lot of us really don't think thing thoroughly, or at all in some cases .You look at things into detail but not really looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture , nine out of ten scenarios is always YOUR happiness ,& well being . You start to make that person your ONLY way to be happy .You start to think about what life would be without the person , you start to look past the dumb things you went through and struggle like hell for it to work when you and the person know its not everrrr going to work out .If the person was to cancel your plans , & not call you for a day ,you start to diminish all sense of your well being . That is not good at all . You have to get to the point in your life when you feel good that the person is in your life ,but you have to know that if the person isn't there and you are doing everything you possibly can to keep things on the right track , that things will be okay with YOU . Yea, you may miss the person and for a split second have doubts on your role in the relationship ,but all in all you have to understand that if the person can be unappreciative , leave you , and can not genuinely make you happy as a whole ,then you will be okay with out the person . At this point you are only hurting YOU. You need to be to the point in your life where your like yea you're my heart but I'm my soul ... Something like that .. get it??

I'm not saying do not fight for who you love and care about but when you're the only one to show any type of effort then its simply time to go . I am not one to talk about leaving someone . It is definitely easier to say "yea I'm out " than to really be out . It truly is. There has definitely been times when I truly felt that yea Tash you need to get you together instead of worrying about this boy who seems to only care sometimes. I say "boy" because at the time that is exactly what I thought he was , a boy. I felt that I needed to get me together and honestly that is exactly what i did . Sometimes I slip up and fall back into this huge insecure ,"where u at? , "who you with?" character , and on everything I love .. it sucks. Clearly I'm not all the way in tune with myself but I am definitely a working progress.

Anywhoo back to leaving and things of that nature . I feel like lately , I notice a lot of people settling . Despite the b.s I been through , crying and all that I don't think I was settling . I'm not saying I'm not worth someone who can make me happier , and all the other b.s people say but I never felt like I settled for dude.I can definitely say you live and you learn through things. Yes , I would've found someone who would've made me happier by doing little things that most guys do, being a little more content ,& kissing my ass to make me smile but would I truly be happy with that person ?? SHIIIITTT when y'all find that answer be sure to let me know lol Settling in no way shape or form , whether it be with a relationship or anything else is ever good . You're only selling yourself short.

Said all of that to say this , PEOPLE lets start thinking things through ,especially when dealing with a relationship. Start realizing your self worth . Realize that if you need to find a happy place for you ,with or without someone else. ... That is all for now ..Hope ya like =)

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SwizZ said...

Great post! Sometimes people do settle when it comes to a relationship, but when it doesn't work; it can become a case of you live and you learn. As a guy, we get the same treatment you describe in this post too..maybe not as much as females get it from guys but you get what I'm saying.

All I can say is that, not all men will give u full attention, love, call u everyday/365 of the year