Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amazing SHXT people do

I have this friend ... Love her to death but Im starting to hate , yes hate , her man , friend , s.o , whatever she consider him . She is just like me,as far as relationships go . When she love , she loves hard . When she cares , there is noooo stopping it . She would give up her life for the person ,give her last dollar (literally) ,and other things of that nature. Before him she was this crazy ,cool , dumb , goofy , silly , dope ass chica which is why she is my bruhder (brother) (we just say it like "bruhder" which is why i typed it that way)..
I honestly think he wiped all of those characteristics I just listed AWAY. Like he makes her feel crazy . He is not a bad guy at all as far as I know ,but I do think he is getting beside himself.He is mad choosy on when he wants to talk to her .He wins her back by doing the typical things like sweet texts , saying he miss her on his facebook wall ,apologizing by saying "i know i fucked up ,but I love you" .. things like that .She feel she is settling because she absolutely ,positively knows she can do better and is only letting herself down by being with him . WHYYYY ARE U STILL THERE THEN HONEY? Bruh , i love you but I need for the dope ass , goofy chick to come back .. I probably could understand you staying there if you ,were still YOU ,and wasnt letting him be your killjoy but noooo your letting him be it . YOU LET HIM .
The amazin shxt people do overwhelms me . You know u have this girl here , that has been ridin for u since day one . A yr and almost 5 months later u still doin dumb shit u did literally a yr ago?? wtf type of shit is that.. You think your cool because like 2 other girls dig you ?? Like wtf. Why wait until she appears to be gone for a minute before you show signs of interest? You're scared to let her go , but you really do not want her to stay ? . UGH!. go play in traffic , while chewing on glass with propone flavoring. ....THAT IS ALL ...

reallly needed to get those thoughts off the dome.

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SwizZ said...

Yikes! I hope all goes well for your friend. Its like she being pulled by her 2 arms(on 1 arm, its her closest friends, and the other arm its dude).