Thursday, February 25, 2010



What is up with all these trifling ass females that do not give a fxck if they are pursuing someone your dealing with? I mean I know people always say don't ever go after the female , it is your man fault ,but sometimes...lets face it ... shit happens.Girls do not care if they discover what your cooch taste like . That is horrible.


For the girls that have pursued someone you know was dealing with someone else , or even if you didnt know and found out shortly after ... how did you like being the side piece? Better question , why the hell would you still stick around , or even consider being with that person? Did you really think you could take over for long??Like did you really think that the affection , fake shxt he was presenting to u ,chivalry and shxt like that wouldn't die? Did you really think that you were just the shittttttt times 49 what was going on in your head? You suck ass , this little act that u present to the world sucks ass , your whole "swag" sucks ass , like honestly u as a person just sucks ass. I kind of wish I would have let this whole dumbshit continue so yall both could fall flat on your face. He would've saw how whack ur whole being is. SIDEBAR:She would have eventually seen the real you FLAWS AND ALL and not to many people will accept that.

I do want to thank you though . Now I have a better understanding of my worth . I'm not always wondering if I have to please him , or prove myself to him . Now its pretty much "take me as i am". I know I can do without certain people in my life. I am me now . I fell off , but since then I am better than ever.Literally . I still have my insecurities and at times they will take over but like I said , 'Thank you."

OOOO OOOO OOO Sidechicks stop everrr trying to take the role of the main event . Questioning him about her , or questioning her about him is not acceptable . You are there only part time son , cool that shit down ..

I still feel like I have more to say on this .. When it comes to me I will write it.

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SwizZ said...

Way to vent Tasha...

About the side piece disclaimer..thats all some people can ever be.