Saturday, May 15, 2010

lack of ambition.

There is this guy that digs me . We have been pretty cool for a good yr now but i honestly feel like I might just be out of his league. He is cool ,cute , funny but I need more than that . Im not even saying im interested but it sucks that people are so closed minded . Seems like people are only willing to know what people taught them at one point in time or another . That sucks because there is sooooo much more out there .You can't possibly say there's nothing else out there .WTF!GTFOH A.S.A.P ...

I know everyone is not going to want to explore and yadda yadda yah but damn one rund down ass town is not and should not be the limit. There is to much money to be made,to many things to do , to much to learn about and to many people to meet to be stuck in one mind set . I just do not understand . He wants to be happy and comfortable in his four walls . I want to break down the four walls and see the universe. He wants to lay back and relax , I feel like I will relax and lay back (literally) when I die.I need to go to concerts , plays , museums ,zoos ,comedy shows , art galleries , beaches , different countries and states. I need to see what else is out there instead of settling for what I am surrounded by . I hate that the world isn't over flowing with ambition and drive.

I hate meeting people that claim they are broke but are steady smoking the green stuff.How the fuck are you getting money to smoke if your'e always "broke"?

This may be ultra rude and I hate comparing people to my past but I have boundaries now. I do not know how to settle for less than I deserve these days .. It is kind of like , if you can not supply for me in certain little ways then you simply have to leave my area.You can have the biggest heart EVER but affection alone can't run a relationship. I need the whole damn package.I dont want someone to do better for me ..I am not the problem . Do better for yourself , I'm sure it will shine through . I will most definitely notice it.

Someone was asked what they would do if they won the lotto , the person replied with "imma build a mansion in Paterson." WHY???????? Not saying it cant happen but why would you want it to? I wanto get away to my own FN tavern .

Someone out there .... please help me , help society.


SwizZ said...

Expand your horizon my dear. Staying in Paterson won't get you anywhere but stuck. venture out and find what you've been wanting to find. Life is short so use that short time wisely.

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

yea ... i feel u which is why im out first chance i get .... to bad everyone doesnt think like that