Monday, August 09, 2010


AMBER -- I hate that you aren't around me so I can properly show you how to be loved . I love you so much . I just want to smack the color of ya father (that is a lot of color) , and put some color on ya mother because they are by far pieces of shit to me . I do not grasp the concept of either one of them . You may be mad at me for saying that but Amber you have to understand that are a beautiful , weird , goofy ass creature . I need for your life to do a 360 as soon as possible . I see so much pain in your eyes even when you're happy .You don't even know what a stable home is , and it sucks because I am only a few years older than you and financially I am not in any predicament to just move you in with me =( . Amber I love you and I would literally end my life for you if I had to . Please continue to try to chase your dreams , DO NOT let anyone tell you some b.s to stop you from doing so. Please continue to know that life will be fucked up a lot of time but know that YOU can eventually get in a better situation with hard work , determination , and the mind set you have now . The second I find out you're trying to give up , is the second I FUCK YOU UP because I know you can do it . I know you are literally sick and tired of everything around you and everything you have ever been through but F IT , life goes on . "WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS , I MAKE BEEF STEW " -ANDY MILONAKIS lmao :)I miss acting dumb with you and Devonte ... =(

DeVonte' - I love you brohamski .. We argued and fought like hell every other weekend since I was like 6 and you was 3 but whatever we are the coolest.Lil but big cuz thanks for always being prepared to whoop some ass for me . I LOVE YOU SCHNUCKKKAAA!!

Ruthia ...yep ,yep you're DeVonte's momma but for some reason I always clung to you . You are literally 21 yrs older than me but I learned alot from you . I hate how you are 99.9 percent of the time but for some reason I just wont leave you alone ... UGHHH!! I never tell you but there is a place in my heart for you ;). I know you always think I'm negative , truth is we are just opposite .The faking that I am happy thing stopped as soon as I knew better , I really hope you stop faking things too but whatever girl .

(these three lames are all my cousins )

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